Thursday, July 27, 2006

Last Nights Wine

2004 Autumn Hill Cabernet Franc

We picked this one up at one of the six weekends that Autumn Hill
is open during the year. While we were there we took part in the cellar tour and barrel tasting which featured the 2004 Cabernet Sauvignon. We enjoyed lunch on their nice large deck and soaked up the sun and enjoyed a pleasant conversation with owner/winemaker Ed.

Tasting Notes:

Nose: Cherry, Raspberry, Chocolate

Taste: Raspberry, "dark fruit", green pepper, cinnamon

Mouthfeel: Smooth Tannins, silky light/medium bodied texture

Finish: The checkered flag came a little earlier but is to be expected from a VA wine

Good Wine, very enjoyable, although the Green Pepper did show up on the taste, it isn't the over herbacious Cab Franc that sometimes arises in VA. (B) $18.95


Dezel said...

Hi John,

I have also had some Cabernet Francs where the tasting associate boasted of the green/bell pepper flavors; this as you know is certainly a sign of under-ripening and for me is not appealing in a Cabernet Franc.

Can you recommend an example of a local Cab that's rock star quality?

Dezel of Virginia Wine Spot

John Witherspoon said...

Hey Dezel
I assume by Cab you are asking about Cab Franc, if so I have had 3 really good ones this year.
2004 Wintergreen Cab Franc
2004 Cardinal Point Cab Franc
2004 Linden Vineyards Cab Franc
2005 Delfosse Cab Franc (I tasted this at the winery about a month ago and had a glass with our lunch, but I have not opened the bottle here at the house yet.)
These are the 3 best that I have had this year. I don't know if they are rockstar quality, haha, but I do think they were very good.
Talk to you later

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