Friday, July 28, 2006

Last Nights Wine

Tonight we (and 7 of our friends) took our friend out for her birthday for Tapas at Europa in downtown Richmond. Dinner was excellent as usual and so was the service (try and make sure you waiter is Slate), he is awesome especially with large groups. Twice now we have gone with 10 people and he didn't skip a beat.

So on to the food and wine....We were in the mood for a Cab Sauv so we chose the 2003 Liberty School
Cabernet Sauvignon. We have had it before so we new it was a good wine, and it was fairly inexpensive ($30).

nose: blackberry, cassis, tobacco

taste: chocolate, blackberry, black cherry

mouthfeel: smooth silky tannins

finish: decent

Overall this wine is great, and retail it is only $13.00 so it makes a nice "everyday drinker" (A-)

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