Sunday, September 17, 2006

James River Harvest Moon Festival

Saturday September 9th we attended the James River Harvest Moon festival. This time our attendance was a little different, we did not only attend as patrons but we attending as "pourers" with Woodland Vineyard. We (Woodland Vineyard) particpated along with James River Winery, Cooper Vineyards and Belle Mount. It was a blast, Megan and I along with a volunteer (John Paul) worked the booth the 1st half of he day. It was great exposure for Woodland being primarily a Richmond crowd, most of which had no idea there was a winery in Midlothian Virginia.

After we worked the tasting table for a few hours Megan and explored the festival for ourselves. It was great fun, we tasted from all the other wineries even sampling some of Coopers famous Sangria that they were giving tastes of, very yummy on the warm Saturday. We also picked up a bottle of their Viognier which was also really good. (Look back at my reveiw from Cooper a few weeks ago) We also really liked James Rivers Vidal Blanc which we picked up a bottle of to take home. Jackie from Cooper gave us a couple of complimentary glass of Sangria that we sipped on and explored some of the jewerly vendors and listened to the band Summerhaven.

Megan pouring at the Woodland Vineyard booth
Eric, Melissa and Megan working the Woodland tasting booth

The Cooper tent, pouring good wines and lots of Sangria

Belle Mount Vineyards

Megan explaining Woodland Vineyad wines to some thirsty patrons

We all had a great time enjoying the wine and the other vendors, it was a great fun small festival I recommend you all trying next year.


Dezel said...

Hello John,

Looks like you guys had a great time at the festival. So how was it being on the other side for a change (lol)? I’m sure it was fun talking with people and answering wine related questions. Whenever I attend a festival I always see a new winery that I had no clue of, so festivals are great for exposure like you mentioned. Hopefully those thirsty patrons will follow up and visit you guy’s winery for a formal tasting. Nice pictures and write up, looks like a nice turn out. Have a great week.

Happy Sipping!


Warren said...

Hi, John
Concur with the James River Vidal Blanc. Looks like a fun afternoon. I'm sure the Woodland Chardonnay was a hit at the festival. When will you release the Cabernet?

John Witherspoon said...

Hey Warren:
The Cabernet will be released along with the Barrel Select Chardonnay at the event on October 7th. Do you think you and Paul will make it down?

Talk to you later.