Saturday, September 09, 2006

Delfosse Meritage 2004

Origin: Albermarle County, VA

Nose: Earth, Cherry, Mocha, Crushed Blackberry

Taste: Plum, Cherry, Clove, Green Olive

Body: Medium body, very smooth mouthfeel

Finish: medium in length with a spicy/peppery smooth finish

We purchased this back on memorial day weekend on a trip around Monticello. Delfosse has a beautiful setting that Megan and I enjoyed lunch and a glass of Cab Franc and Meritage. This Meritage was great, we enjoyed with Veggie Pizza which complimented the wine greatly. The earth and cherry came through very nicely on the nose and cherry came through again on the taste with a nice touch of green olive. I definitely recommend this as a fine example of a great RED done right in Virginia.

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Dezel said...

Hello John,

I have never visited Delfose, but did try several of their reds at the Herndon festival and thought they were nicely done. The one that comes to mind is their Cuvee Laurent (red blend), but will certainly try the Meritage when we visit the winery as it sounds delicious.

Have a wonderful week and Happy Sipping!