Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Elyse Zinfandel -2003 (15.2% alcohol)

Origin: Napa -Rutherford

Nose: cinnamon, dark fruit, amaretto

Taste: Black rapsberry, dark chocolate, earthiness

Mouthfeel: slightly "hot", smooth texture with peppery finish

Finish: medium to long in length

This was a really good Zin recommended to us by our friend Hunter at the Wine Cellar. Although it was slightly "hot" due to the 15.2% alcohol it was quite good but did need a little food to tone it down. We ate it with homemade veggie pizza and it was a great pairing. Although the pricepoint is slightly high @ $30.00 I would probably go with a Ridge Zin (my favorite) but would definitely recommend this as one to try.


Anonymous said...

Hi, John
I love Zinfandel and will have to check out this label. I had a glass of the Woodland White today after work---very refreshing and paired nicely with fruit and light cheeses!

(Will also check out the Syrah!)

John Witherspoon said...

Hey Warren:

Excellent, I am glad you are enjoying the wine, that is awesome!!

If you haven't tried it before Joel Gott makes an excellent Zin, the 2004 is really good, great pricepoint at around $15 and it is really good and balanced.

Talk to you later.

Dezel said...

Hi John,

Nice review, it sounds delicious. I love a good Californian Zin and have come to expect the higher than average octane. The richness, intense fruit and jamminess are trade off for the octane to me. I will look for the 2004 Joel Gott this weekend; I’m sold on the price.

Happy Sipping!