Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Last Nights Wine

2005 Yalumba "Y" Series Viognier

Origin: South Austrailia, Barossa Valley

Nose: Anise (licorice), peach, apricot

Taste: Apricot, slight citrus, mineral/earth

Mouthfeel: Rich, oily but not in a bad way--slick feeling on the tounge

Finish: Medium-Long

This is an excellent Viognier, and the second time we have tried it. Not too over the top on any of the flavors, but as you can see, displays the typical Viognier characteristics. It delivers these in a beautiful layered fashion that is exciting and delightful on each and every sip. (A) $11.95


Dezel said...

Hi John,

Sounds nice, I tried their Chardonnay when attempting to find this Viognier.

Total Wine did not carry it last I checked by I will ask this weekend.

I think it was MSN that had a write up on this as an alternative white.

Have a nice day.

Dezel said...

Hi John,

In case any of your readers are looking for this Viognier I found it at Whole Foods for $ 9.95.

Indeed it was everything you mentioned. Nice selection for the $$ !

Happy Sipping!

Anonymous said...

John...drinking on a weekday...shame on you...LOL

Please post and investigate Mr. and Ms. B. Juice's favorate.

Chateau Cruzeau 2000...A nice Bordeaux from the Pessac-Leognan appellation. No from the popular bank in Bordeaux but a fine wine with a great price point at $20.00. This got a great review from Spectator...cheers and I will see you and Megan soon...B. Juice